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In the year 2008, Wii was brought to the gaming industry with its promising gaming controls. But now, Nintendo has brought to use something new and only for you! Wii U, the gaming console and controller especially made for you like a custom made gadget that answers directly to your touch! Nintendo Wii U promises a better game play experience, featuring what you need and what you want in the palm of your hands - not only as a gamer, but also as a video blogger, a pen tablet artist or maybe just a internet surfer who goes through the world wide web!

If you think that the WiiU controller is just another ordinary controller, well - are you in for a big surprise. The Wii U controller is of smörgåsbord technology. The size of a tablet, with a touch screen in the middle giving you a taste of a whole different game play with different ways to play your favorite game as Nintendo WiiU has the same capability as the original Wii console.

So what do you get with the Nintendo Wii U console and controller? Aside from an extraordinary game play and a whole new taste to the gaming industry, Wii U gives you a truck load of fun. The controller, that features the touch screen that gives you the chance to see the game in a different point of view and not only does the WiiU controller give you the opportunity to experience a diverse kind of gaming, but Wii U also gives you the probability to enjoy it’s tablet like feature that tablet artists would enjoy. So not only can you play and game with the Nintendo WiiU controller, you can even draw unto the touch screen and watch your progress on the television set!

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And what about the chance to talk to a good friend from outside the city, or outside the country you’re in? Everyone knows there are numerous ways to keep in touch with your friends and family and even your loved ones who aren’t close enough for a personal conversation. There’s chat online and video calls to make the experience more personal. If you’re a big fan of conversing with the use of video calls and chats, well, WiiU can give you that too as it feature a microphone and a front facing camera making the experience enjoyable!

Just when you thought that a gaming console’s controller can only be used for gaming, Nintendo Wii U gives you more than just that! Wii U gives the game a personal feel to it, with the original motion control that Wii had and playing from the television set to your Nintendo WiiU controller just like a Nintendo DS, the Wii U gives you a chance to play a game to yourself when a family member wants to watch a certain play off or maybe a movie. But the Nintendo Wii U controller doesn’t go for ‘just gaming’, it also goes for a wide range of capabilities not only gamers can enjoy but also those who aren’t gamers to appreciate!

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